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United Nude Shoes

United Nude produces cool, high design Women’s shoes, sandals, pumps and boots aimed at discerning high fashion shoppers.

History of United Nude Shoes

United Nude Shoes was launched in 2003 with the revolutionary M?bius shoe which of course is designed around the infinity strip discovered by August Ferdinand M?bius. United Nude Shoes have been established themselves as a truly iconic footwear brand at the clever crossroads between architecture and design!

United Nude was developed in 2000 by a Dutch architect, Rem D Koolhaas. He produced a film documentary called ‘Moving Manhattan’ which was accompanied by a book called ‘Shadow Book’. It was In 2003 when his M?bius shoe was nominated for a Rotterdam Design Award.

The United Nude company was formed by Galahad Clark a seventh-generation member of the world-famous British Clarks Family from Street, Somerset in England. He learned his trade when he worked during the summer months in Clarks’ factories in Europe and the UK. He also took over at Terra Plana Shoes in 2002, a company he has been in charge of ever since.

United Nude Shoes are now sold in over 30 countries all over the world and also runs a chain of shops with outlets in New York and Shanghai.

Highly innovative, original and exciting United Nude Shoes continue to create the most incredible shoes you will find anywhere. United Nude Shoes – Created for the smallest and most remarkable piece of architecture – the women’s foot!

Some of the?gorgeous pieces from the new collection


Who Owns United Nude?

This is pretty interesting as the brand named does not appear to be owned by the?Clarks company at all but by an offshore company. Here are the Registrant’s details: United Nude International (BVI)Sea Meadow House, Blackburne Highway Road Town, Virgin Islands, British. So they are actually owned by a company in the?British Virgin Islands. It gets, even more, confusing with the?website as the domain is owned by someone called Mark Preston in New York who appears to be the web design manager.

Where Can I Buy United Nude Footwear

Well, of course, the brand is not very visible on the high street being available?in just a handful of independent retailers around the?UK.? It seems also that they have closed the store that used to be in the London so your best bet is shopping on one of the?bigger sites like?Amazon Other shops like Office have sold them in the past but as far as we can see apart from eBay this is the best way to grab a pair. I would love to tell you that there are a lot of online shops selling the brand because it is just so iconic!

Buying United Nude Online

United Nude Shoes On Amazon??United Nude Shoes On Ebay

What Are United Nude Shoes Made From?

It really depends on the style and the design. The classic fold boots are made from a woven stretch elasticated fabric which has a kid leather lining and leather sock. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear as the insole has light padding underneath. The soles are made from textured rubber so that they re very stable underfoot.

Leather shoes, sandals and boots are made from high-grade calf leather which is fine to the tough with a very close and even grain. When it comes to the suede and nubuck styles these are made from either nubuck which is a high quality leather with a brushed surface or nap, or high-grade suede which has a more natural nap being split from the calf leather. There is no compromise in the quality of the components with United Nude Women’s Footwear.

Heels are made from either brushed aluminium or high impact styrene which is then covered in fine leather. It’s, for this reason, we wouldn’t recommend going out in heavy rain or snow as these are high design, fashion items and are not really meant to be worn to death!

United Nude Reviews

There a few reviews on the net so our advice is to head over to Amazon and read what customers have written about the shes they have bought. These are honest and real United Nude reviews that can not be manipulated. Each is from a customer who has actually bought the product.

Where are United Nude Shoes Made?

The company makes all of its production in small artisan factories in China. They use all of the finest materials for the manufacture of their shoes and ship them all over the world.

How Much Are United Nude Shoes?

This varies dramatically, of course, depending on whether it’s a shoe or a boot but these are the price ranges that you will find them on offer.

Flat Shoes: From ?130 to ?160
Heels: From ?205 to ?265
Ankle Boots: ?215 to ?310
Mid-High Boots: ?320-?375
Sandals: ?150 to ?260