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Gorgeous Women’s Softinos shoes and boots will be the most comfortable footwear you will ever own. Such is the lightness and suppleness of the uppers you will literally float on air. Sporty in design with hard wearing soles and effortlessly?stylish uppers they are a simple delight to own. Not too expensive but exclusive enough to guarantee that not everyone down the?street will be wearing them. These amazing Women’s shoes & boots come in a range of designs and colours. Everyday wear from an extraordinary collection of Ladies’ footwear.

Who Owns Softinos Footwear?

Amazingly, the brand is owned by the same company that owns Fly London and they are based at the same head office in Northern Portugal. On this page you can see that the brand is owned by?FORTUNATO O. FREDERICO & CA., LDA in Guimaraes. They started making branded shoes in the mid-90s and moved on to making the Softinos brand about ten years ago to complement the already hugely successful Fly Brand. With access to all of the?finest materials in the world, the factory is well used to making high-quality?Women’s comfort footwear.

Where Can I Buy Softinos Shoes?

The brand has its own website and sells to a number of independent, high street and department stores all over the UK. They are not on every high street so you may well struggle a little to find a store. There are a couple of stores they own as well, one in?Covent?Garden and the other?in Dublin. For the best prices, we advise, of course, to shop online with our preferred retailers below. Inevitably?Amazon is the go-to place as it has the widest collection at the lowest prices so start there and if you cannot find what you are looking for then cast the net a little wider.

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What Are Softinos Made Of?

The remarkable thing about Women’s Softinos is the fact they are made in such a high-quality factory. With over 35 years making premium branded footwear, they know how to put a shoe together. Softinos are made from the best quality tumbled?calf leather. The process?of tumbling makes the material very soft and supple so it sits well on the?foot. The linings are made from either?soft pig aniline or textile depending on the style. The inner soles are made from leather and the sole units are made from rubber. This combination suits the sporty look and feel of the collection, adding to their desirability.

How Much Are Softinos Shoes & Boots?

Softinos Shoes are ?69.99 to ?79.99
Softinos Sandals are ?69.99 to ?79.99
Softinos Boots are ?79.99 to ?95.00

Of course the higher the boot, the more expensive it is as it requires more material to make it! You can pick them up cheaper during Softinos Sale & Clearance?Sales!

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Softinos Reviews

The best resource in our opinion for reading reviews about the brand’s footwear is to go to their page on Amazon?If you then do a search for your favourite product say, Inge, then you will be able to scroll down to the bottom and vew Customer Reviews. They really are unbiased and real so you are getting the experience directly from real customers.