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Welcome?to Rocket Dog Shoes where you can read all about this iconic US brand, read reviews and find out where to buy. On this page we are not only going to go in to where you can buy them because frankly, you can find that anywhere, more importantly, we’ll tell how they are made and what from as well as who owns the brand, how much you should be prepared to spend and finally where you can buy them at the best prices. Let’s start with the brand itself and where it came from, what about that name?
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History Of Rocket Dog

The story of the brand goes right back to 1997 so it’s more than twenty years old when the?brand found its origins in sunny California, where else for a super cool, relaxed shoe brand? You can kind of see the scene, two footwear veterans get together to develop a cool new lifestyle brand. One of the guys had a very lively pooch called Max and he became the inspiration for the?brand. He loved charging around the?beech like Speedy Gonzales, so they came up with the idea of calling this new brand idea Rocket Dog. The ethos behind the brand is a very chilled California surf brand and that is pretty much how they started developing it. Imagine Venice?Beach in the 1990s with the cool guy playing his guitar while rollerskating – You can just imagine the scene with the guy strumming his guitar in the hot summer sunshine!

Californian Sunshine Inspired!

It was this kind of scene that inspired the guys to come up with the idea of a laid-back surf brand and that in essence is how it all came about. Taking influences from the street and throwing?them into a melting pot of design lead footwear.

Move on more than twenty years and the brand is now a global phenomenon, selling all over the world. It’s not just sandals and skate shoes they make now. The brand has moved into all the popular footwear types with shoes, canvas styles with pretty bows and linings and even a range of smart pixie boots and warm lined boots for the?winter. Talk about fully embracing the full spectrum of shoes, boots and sandals to develop! A true lifestyle?brand if ever there was one and a real success story to boot.

Who Owns Rocket Dog?

The brand?is still operated from its base in the?US with distribution all over Europe, the Middle and the Far East. If you look over at the patent office, as of course, we like to do to give you the full picture, then it tells us that the brand name is owned by?Millennial Brands LLC2000, Crow Canyon Place, Suite 300, San Ramon, 94583, United States of America. The brand is distributed in the?UK by?Millenial Brands?International Ltd so it is still in the hands of the original designers.

Where are Rocket Dog Shoes Made?

The brand makes there shoes in a number of different factories in China and the Far East. None of teh footwear is made in Europe or teh USA.

Where Can I Buy Rocket Dog?

We normally present a full sweep of outlets where you can buy Women’s Rocket Dog Footwear but by far the best option at this?stage is to head over to Amazon?and take a look what they have on offer because quite frankly they are going to be cheaper than anyone else on the high street or online. Now talking of the?high street we know that Office and Schuh also carry the collections in stock s it would be unfair to include them on our page about the brand. So for completion!

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What Are Rocket Dog Shoes Made From?

It’s a big question really because they use a lot of different materials in the manufacture of their shoes. It also depends on the type of item, for example, all of the pumps that you see with ruched fronts and bows are made in pu with a fabric, often floral, lining. The mid-height ruched boots are also synthetic but they do have a range of ankle boots which are made of leather although these tend to be much more expensive. Most of the biker boots are made from manmade materials as well, although there is one called Knockout which is made from oiled suede which of course is made from cows. The flat floral pumps are made from printed cotton canvas and many of the sandals, such as the heavy toe posts are made from microsponge rubber which is a lightweight form that comes in sheets that can be sliced and stuck together.

How Much Are Rocket Dog Shoes?

The price varies enormously with the different designs of the product so the highest price boots are made from suede with a warm lining, but essentially:

Ballet Flats are from ?24-?40
Sneakers (Canvas Shoes) are from ?38-?45
Boots are from ?45 to ?100
Sandals are from ?22 to ?40
Flip-Flops?are from ?22 to ?33

You can obviously buy cheaper if you look around but these are the price ranges for all Rocket Dog products.

What Sizes Do Rocket Dog Come in?

Finally what sizes is the brand available is? This is easy to answer as it’s fairly standard from size?UK 3’s to UK 8’s

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