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Welcome to the? Paul Green Footwear – your best online resource for this hard to find brand. Here we are not only going to show you where to shop for these lovely shoes but also discuss the unique attributes of the brand. We will also show you other places where you can read reviews and watch product videos about the brand. All the things that you would normally have to spend ages trawling the internet for! So let’s begin with a little about the?brand itself.

In 1921 Josef Haselberger founded an artisan shoemaking company in the Austrian market town of Mattse.? Set in the beautiful Austrian Lake District in the state of Saltzberg. In 1953 the company developed a brand of shoes called Elizabeth which was rather Royally named after Queen Elizabeth II. In 1980 Hermann Wittfeld bought the business and introduced Paul Green brand later in 1988.?Production still takes place at the original factory which is located at the company’s?head office in Mattsee. Over 2000 workers are employed across locations in Europe. The company is a privately owned?business called Paul Green GmbH. Ownership of the brand name is held by the company itself as you can see here on the trademark registration page.

Unusually the brand only makesWomen’s footwear and all of the production comes out of Europe. It is also one of the top 5 brands in Europe which is remarkable when you consider how big its competitors like Rieker and Gabor are in the?UK market. The distribution of the brand is tightly controlled and the focus is on high-quality independent businesses and a few online retailers with shops and department stores. However, prices are never constant across the internet so there are places to go where you can pay less for the brand.

Where Can I Buy Paul Green Shoes?

There are many independent shoe shops around the UK that stock the brand. The problem is that the brand has not provided any information on the internet. We will, therefore, list the online stores that we know stock the brand and where you can get the lowest prices from.

Price Guide (Red = Not Cheapest, Green = Cheap Paul Green Shoes & Sale)

Price indicator

Where are Paul Green Shoes Made?

All of the?footwear is made in factories in Europe. Originally they were made at the head office in?Mattsee in Austria. Manufacturing now takes place in Croatia and Bosnia.

What Are Paul Green Shoes Made Of?

The uppers (that’s the top part of the shoe) are made from high-grade calf leather. This is combined with either?kid leather or pig leather for the lining depending on the article and the price point. The brand does not use synthetic materials in the manufacture of the?uppers of their shoes, sandals and boots. The sole units are usually made of rubber which tends to be heavier than synthetic?thermoplastic rubber but is more durable. For lightweight items like the pumps and ballerinas, the soles are made from resin rubber which is durable and flexible. On court shoes, there is a rubber forepart but the top piece (that’s the tip of the heel, heel tip or heel cover), is often made from hard wearing plastic. The brand will often place a spare pair of top pieces in the box of such shoes.

Where patent or suede is used it is usually from a calf or cow leather base. Suede is ‘split leather’ – original cow skin is very thick so it is split to give the first or ‘top’ quality suede. This first-grade leather suede has a very fine nap. Patent leather is calf leather which has been coated with a fine layer of polyurethane and rolled on a glass finished steel roller to give the glossy sheen.

Can I see a Video Preview Of The New Paul Green Footwear Collection?

There are a number of videos on Youtube but of course, like most things with this brand they are difficult to find. We have placed a couple of them down below so that you can take a look at the new Paul Green 2017 Autumn Winter collection. We have also placed the All Weather Collection video below so that you can learn about their waterproof collection for this winter.

In this video, the brand demonstrates it’s all-weather collection of waterproof shoes and boots, (I love the music!)

How Much Are Paul Green Shoes?

Paul green footwear starts at ?119 for the cheapest shoes rising to ?229 for the highest prices boots.

The following price ranges apply to most of Paul Green’s Footwear. You can find them cheaper during sale and clearance events.

Shoes: From ?119 to ?149
Trainers: From ?135 to ?165
Sandals: From ?119-?139
Boots: From ?159-?229

Ankle boots are cheaper obviously with high leg boots being the most expensive.
Low trainers are cheaper than the high tops which come out at the top end of the scale above.