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Airstep Shoes, Boots & Sandals

Airstep is a famous Italian brand made by the Veronese shoe manufacturer Olip since the early 1990’s. Using high-quality materials in the construction of the footwear, with heavily distressed leather. Combined with their premium sole and lining materials is the key to this brand’s success. Offering something quite apart from the norm, Airtsep Women’s Shoes succeed with their modern, continental styling, sturdy metal work. This is combined with treated and tumbled calf leather uppers and linings.

No compromise is given in the creation of the Airstep Men’s collection with the best materials used in the design. Especially relevant is the smart array of shoes, sandals and boots. Men’s Airstep has literally taken Europe by storm and it’s on the way to conquer the world! The level of detailing is unbelievable with straps and buckles combined with washed and tumbled leathers and leather linings. All designed in the heart of Italy just south of the beautiful Lake Garda. The brand recently picked up Johnny Depp as a fan of the boots – a real Pirates of The Carribean look with twisted tumbled, heavily distressed?leather topping off his look!

We also make a premium range of bags to go with the shoes in soft tumbled leather and matching colours. These are all available from our online partners in Europe.

AS98 Shoes

AS98 is the new name for Airstep and stores are slowly changing over to the new branding. The collections are similar to the old Airstep but the company wanted a brand that they owned worldwide and of course, there is a company called Airtsep in the USA. They now make Women’s AS98, Men’s AS98 and a fabulous bag collection under this new brand. The bags also feature the kind of look inherited from the shoes with big squashy shoppers and smaller handbags.


Airstep Boots

Choosing the leathers is the key to creating the deep antique look that is achieved on these AS98 and Airstep boots. ?With the factory being in the North of Italy it has access to all of the best materials including the all-important leather. As a result, great care is taken in the selection and then it is either tumbled or treated with heavy burnishing to create that deep antique effect. When the boot is pressed against a rotating mop which has had wax added then the magic begins! ?There is a reaction between the friction of the mop, the wax and the leather which darkens the surface so you get a wonderfully deep, almost patina, that makes them look like they have been worn for a hundred years.

Available in a range of ankle and mid boot styles, they feature inside zips so they are really easy to get on and off. Most innovative is the use of heavy metalwork – hence why Johnny Depp became a fan! You can just see him swashbuckling in the surf with his Men’s AS98 Boots!